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We BUY, SELL, TRADE Rock, Gem, & Mineral Collections


  • We can Travel to you

  • We can buy individual pieces or entire collections and backyard/storage hoards

  • At times we can trade or barter individual pieces or inventory - if you want to trade mineral specimens, CLICK HERE TO SEE MY TRADE PAGE.

  • We can sell your collection on consignment

  • Send us an email with description (as best you know), clear photographs showing SIZE and DETAIL, etc.





  • Any of the specific specimens pictured @ THIS LINK;

  • Garage, attic, and storage collections of rock, mineral and crystal specimens;  

  • Minerals, crystals and rocks from storage containers and / or estate collections;

  • Apache Agate and Apache Flame Agates from Chihuahua Mexico, whether rough, cut or polished.

  • San Diego County & Southern California: Tourmaline, Kunzite, Morganite, Aquamarine, Topaz, Spessartine, Quartz, Lepidolite, and associated pegmatite gems and minerals from San Diego County; etc., including but not limited to, Pala, Rincon, Mesa Grande, Ramona, Aguanga, Chihuahua Valley, Warner, Coahuila Mtn, Red Mt, Anza, Thomas Mt., Jacumba, and others;

  • "Blue Cap" Tourmalines from Pala, San Diego County, California.  If you have a pink to red tourmaline with a blue tip or cap and it is over 2 inches tall, we will probably want to buy it, whether it is a single crystal or attached to other rock / matrix.  CONTACT US first.

  • Mineral, Crystal, and Ore Specimens from the Homestake Gold Mine, Lead, South Dakota.

  • Gold Quartz specimens from Custer Co., South Dakota, incl. Goldfish Mine, Gold Fish Group Mine, Salmon Mine, and any photos or documentation and history of these mines;

  • Collections of old mining law books, texts, documents, magazines and publications about mining and gemstones, particularly southern california and northern nevada opal; and just about anything pertaining to the history of the Southern California pegmatite and tourmaline deposits and the opal deposits of Virgin Valley, Nevada.





EXAMPLES of what we want (Click to enlarge):  If you have something similar we might buy it, CONTACT US.

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