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Do you have a mineral collection or want to build one?  Need help evaluating, dispersing, or selling a collection or estate?  We can help you...

          Dominion Gems has knowledge and experience in evaluating, acquiring and selling individual gem & mineral specimens and entire collections.   Too often we have seen a great collection or valuable piece being dumped at estate and garage sales and internet auctions- and sold for pennies of the actual value because someone did not what they had or what it was worth.   Even worse, we have heard horror stories of collections being thrown out in the garden or even to a trash dump!  


          Not only do we mine our own minerals/gems, but we also buy and sell individual specimens and on occasion, entire collections.  We work directly with other miners.  We also buy from, and trade specimens with, other dealers and collectors quite often, and sometimes get price breaks in our purchases that new or one-time buyers might not get- and we can pass these savings on to you!  Are you looking for a specific stone or specimen, or from a specific locality?  Whether you have inherited a collection , gems, or mineral  specimens, and want to know what you have or need help selling, or are a beginning or seasoned collector looking to add specimens to your collection in any price range, we can help you:


  • Evaluate a single gem or mineral specimen, or an entire collection;

  • Give you an impartial evaluation for estate or other purposes;

  • Sell or liquidate a rock, gem and/or mineral collection in an estate  for the best value;

  • Sell your collection through us on a percentage or contingency basis so the burden is not on you;

  • Find that perfect gem or mineral specimen to add to your collection that you can't find yourself at the best competitive prices;

  • Building a collection of any size, type, and price range;

  • Research for determining specimens whose location or provenance is unknown;

  • Anything that's not listed here but related, we can likely help you with- just ask us!

  • We also offer consulting relating to prospecting, gem and lapidary deposits, and mining claims.  Click Here for more details.


CONTACT US today if you need help selling, evaluating, or building a mineral collection and we can respond with pricing suitable for your needs.

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