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CONSULTING: Gem / Lapidary Mining Claims

MINING CLAIM SERVICES, ASSESSMENT WORK, CLAIM STAKING, & CONSULTING regarding pegmatites, gold, gemstones, and mineral deposits in the western USA
We are based in South Dakota

         I have long been in the business of prospecting, staking claims, re-staking claims, performing assessment work, mining, sales, and doing viability studies of gem, mineral and lapidary deposits, and finding lost mines and new deposits.  Research at the local, State, and Federal and level, including historical collections and archives.  On-site & off-site studies and consulting/research have included (but not limited to): Land status and areas open to location; discovery; extent and limits of deposit; small mining by hand vs use of equipment and permitting; location and staking; value and marketing of a particular mineral or material; whether extension claims are needed, issues regarding extralateral rights, lode vs placer location, access rights and issues; Historical background on a particular deposit or property; etc.  I offer full consulting services relating to prospecting, mining, and sale of gem and lapidary materials.  My consulting services are offered only for crystal, mineral specimen, gemstone, and lapidary material claims, with special expertise on Pegmatite and  Precious Opal deposits.  I can also evaluate or appraise  Gem/Mineral Collections and specimens (LINK HERE).  For mining claim matters, I generally hire out at:



  • IN-SEASON (June 01 thru October 15):

  • Claim location/relocation, per claim, $750.-

  • $65.-/hr**;

  • $250.-/day**;

  • $2000.-/week**;

  • $______.-/project (CONTACT ME for quote)**;

  • **PLUS any other related expenses.

  • OFF-SEASON (October 16 thru May 31): To be announced or Contact Me.

  • OFF SEASON CLAIM LOCATION is actual cost of travel & related expenses plus $1000.- per claim location/relocation; Subject to weather and ground conditions.


  • MILITARY VETERAN and Public Service (Police, FBI, Firefighter/EMT):   33% off discount on all mining claims listed for sale-  This is my small way of saying "THANK YOU" for your service, defending our Constitution and our Country, and saving lives. NOTE: This does not apply if I have already applied other discounts.

  •  WATCH FOR FUTURE DISCOUNTS FOR VETERANS, DISABLED AND THOSE NEEDING A FRESH START IN LIFE, Coming Summer/Winter 2020.  We are going to GIVE OPPORTUNITIES and try to help in a number of ways....  Please check back for updates!

  • WATCHMEN Service, in- season, starting $____/;

  • WATCHMEN Service, off-season, starts $____/. 




  • $85.-/hr**;

  • $375.-/day**;

  • $3500.-/week**;

  • $______.-/project (CONTACT ME for quote)**;

  • **PLUS travel and any other related expenses.


  • MILITARY VETERAN:  25% off discount on all consulting & mining claims-  This is my small way of saying "THANK YOU" for your service, defending our Constitution and our Country, and saving lives.

CONTACT ME if you have any needs or questions!  I would be happy to help and I always sign a confidentiality agreement and (non-competition clause, when needed, so long as it does not interfere with my existing matters).  

  • NOVEMBER 24, 2022 UPDATE: We are NO longer staking mining claims or doing assessment work or consulting in the Virgin Valley Nevada Opal area, and we are in the process of focusing our mining efforts in South Dakota and are SELLING OFF ALL OF OUR INTERESTS IN THE VALLEY.  With that said, be careful whom you consult in the Opal fields or buy a claim from.  Listen to what everyone says THEN JUDGE IT AGAINST THE FACTS AND THE LAW.  Not everyone is honest and a few people in the Virgin Valley Opal area have agendas and a purpose.  Do they badmouth others while trying to claimjump and steal from other peoples claims?  Do they take down posts from claims so they can try to say it was never staked and then try digging there or claim it themselves?  Are they ILLEGALLY offering to sell petrified wood taken from mining claims by the pound or tonnage? Are they offering rockhound or guiding tours in the area without a federally required permit?  Are they running a "fee dig" on BLM lands without a permit and insurance?  Are they fraudulently trying to pass off "Crusty Chrysocolla" as Gem Silica?  Does he remove old expired claim posts so other prople can't find the old claim boundaries and then charges you a $200 tour fee to show you what he "alone" knows?  Are the claims he is trying to sell you actually filed with BLM & the County OR does he sell you a claim and then backdate, stake and record it after you bought it, illegally?  Did he get permanently banned from Facebook and Alignable for his repeated Harassment & copyright violations?  Don't pay someone for a "tour" or a cheap claim- there are many areas in the valley open to claiming.  Don't be misled.  Someone in the area charges $200/day for a tour/info.  With a little research you can do it yourself and alot better.  There are many rival individuals and groups in the Valley and they cause drama for themselves and others.  If it sounds or smells FISHY it probably is.  Thats all I'm going to say without naming who.  THANK YOU TO ALL that we have dealt with regarding the Virgin Valley Opal Mines, Claims, and opals over the many years...  The drama just became too much in the valley and we have found our new happy place without it, though we will miss the place very much....

  • SINCE HE LIKES TO SLANDER & HARASS ME, I WILL MENTION HIM:  JOHN CHURCH OF SWORDFISH MINING VIRGIN VALLEY OPAL IN DENIO NEVADA.  AVOID HIM LIKE THE PLAGUE.  Click Here  and Here  to see some of his harassment mostly lies mixed with a "little truth" twisted to suit his agenda.  You would think he's Donald Trump with all the lies.  What I say here is to defend against HIS repeated attacks on me.  You wont find me playing his games anymore except this paragraph to warn you.

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