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Our Wants:

Specific Specimens We Will buy right now from You:

I would like to acquire the pieces shown on this page. If you have any of these, I am willing to trade for and/or purchase them.

contact us FIRST if you want to sell or trade these!  

Scroll down to see other pieces and examples of what we want to buy:



  • Any of the specific specimens pictured above;

  • California Minerals and crystals, particularly: San Diego County & Southern California: Tourmaline, Elbaite, Kunzite, Morganite, Aquamarine, Topaz, Spessartine, Quartz, Lepidolite, and associated pegmatite gems and minerals from San Diego County; etc., including but not limited to, Pala, Rincon, Mesa Grande, Ramona, Aguanga; Warner Springs;

  • "Blue Cap" Tourmalines from Pala, San Diego County, California.  If you have a pink to red tourmaline with a blue tip or cap and it is over 2 inches tall, we will probably want to buy it, whether it is a single crystal or attached to other rock / matrix.  Please CONTACT US first.  This includes Tourmalines from the Tourmaline Queen (Pala Queen or Queen Mine), Tourmaline King, Ed Fletcher, etc., Mines.....  Of particular want are Bluecap Tourmalines from the 1972 find at the Tourmaline Queen Mine, please CONTACT US first!

  • Kunzite Spodumene and Morganite Beryl from Hiriart Mtn at Pala, with old labels or documented history (incl. Sickler, Ashley, Katerina, Vanderberg, White Queen, Hiriart, Fargo, Senpe, Sempe, San Pedro, Anita, Aqualedge, (et al) Mines.

  • Mineral, Crystal, and Ore Specimens from the Homestake Gold Mine, Lead, South Dakota; Gold in Quartz from the Holy Terror Mine, Keystone South Dakota; and Gold in Quartz from Custer, South Dakota. 

  • Apache Agate and Apache Flame Agates from El Apache, Chihuahua, Mexico, whether rough, cut, or polished.

  • Red Beryl aka Bixbite specimens, crystals, rough, and cut Stones from the Ruby Violet Harris Mine in the Wah Wah Mtns of Utah.

  • Collections of old mining law books, texts, Interior Dept Decisions volumes ("Decisions of the Land Department"), documents, magazines and publications about USA mining law and gemstone deposits.  


EXAMPLES of what we want (Click to enlarge):  If you have something similar we might buy it, CONTACT US.

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