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Mintabie Opal Field in Australia CLOSING

Mintabie Opal Field to close; photo by

The well-known Mintabie (aka "Mintubi") Opal Field in South Australia has been shut down by the Australian Government. Mintabie has produced some of the world's finest opal and there are more reserves in the ground, but the Australian Government has determined that the township is dangerous and that too many "illegal" activities have been occurring. It was also said that "No decision has been made about the future of opal mining in Mintabie. The State Government will assess the impacts of revoking the proclamation of the Mintabie Precious Stones Field by 30 March 2018, before making a decision about its future" (see:

However, locals and miners know that this might be the end of the field. There is a petition on Change.Org to Save Mintabie:

Please sign the petition if you can. There are many affected including elderly and veterans, not just opal miners. If the opal field does end up closing permanently the price of grey, crystal, white and semi-dark precious opal from Australia will likely skyrocket.


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