Dominion Gems Schedule 2021


WEBSITE CHANGES to Subscription ONLY in late 2021

Because high end gemstones, mineral specimens, mining claims, and mineral exploration is a highly competitive business, DOMINION GEMS has decided to take our business into a subscription only format behind a paywall starting in fall 2021, for safety and confidentiality to our clients of our services, products, and sales.  This change has been in the making for over a year with a complete re-design of the website.  Existing clients within the past year will get a free one year subscription with login details emailed to them.  Subscribers will have benefits and discounts and subscriptions will be available for $250.-/year or $125.- for 6 months.  Members will get their subscription fee deducted from their first or any purchase over $600.- that they choose and will get a 20% discount off all new listings on the website within 6 months.  We will also have other benefits and are working on more details.  Questions, comments and suggestions are welcomed and you can contact us HERE.
Clients and subscribers are pre-screened and must meet certain qualifications.