Mines and Mining Claims for sale

We have mining claims for sale on high-end gemstone deposits and other mineral deposits.  We do not publish the majority of them to the general public and we screen potential buyers to protect our properties and the values in them, to deter theft, highgrading and unauthorized mineral removal when we are not present.  You wouldn't want to buy a claim that has been dug out or known to all. 

Publicly Available Claims FOR SALE ARE SHOWN BELOW.

Click Here.   Other claims are available but not publicly listed.

A WORD OF CAUTION:  There are many mining claims for sale on the internet and Ebay.   Don't buy a claim for the old structures or beautiful view, buy a claim with values that can be mined and marketed at a profit at current.  Ask to see proof of what has recently come from WITHIN THE CLAIM BOUNDARIES, not what is found "nearby."  

Proven mining claims start at $15,000.- and go up to over $1M.  If you are interested in seeing what we have available, CONTACT US for more details.


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