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new material ROYAL FLAMINGO AGATE, Nevada

The material called "Howardite" or "Rattlesnake Jasper /Agate " is a form of silicified (agatized/jasperized/opalized) diatomaceous earth/tuff and is a highly sought lapidary material, found only in Nevada.   RATTLESNAKE JASPER, incorrectly called "HOWARDITE", is the original OLD material from the 1950s, it is dug out and no longer available except when old collections are sold.  Also called "Old Howardite".  The original deposit with "Rattlesnake" pattern was dug out and then lost/forgotten until 2016.  When rediscovered in 2016 it has been marketed under different names according to variety, pattern, etc.  

ROYAL FLAMINGO AGATE is the newer material, 2016 to present, also called "New Howardite" or "Red Howardite".

Both materials are unique, distinct, and beautiful and highly sought by lapidaries, but the OLD material commands the highest prices for the "Rattlesnake" pattern, which can sell by THE GRAM.    WE WILL BUY THE OLD RATTLESNAKE PATTERN IF YOU HAVE SOME TO SELL AND IT IS HIGH QUALITY, CONTACT USSEE OUR HOWARDITE AND RATTLESNAKE JASPER / ROYAL FLAMINGO AGATE FOR SALE BELOW:

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