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DOMINION GEMS can act as your agent in the promotion and sales of rare and unique gems and minerals.  We are always looking for something new, whether from the USA or anywhere else in the world.  We enjoy traveling, seeing new places and discoveries, meeting new people and learning from all cultures.  We can promote and sell your unique material.  We are looking for rare, unique materials that are little known or currently undervalued.  Do you have a unique find or deposit, and need someone to promote it?  Maybe we can.  Our criteria are:


  • the material must be visually stunning, unique, and/or colorful;

  • must be gem material or quality mineral specimen material;

  • we would like to be the exclusive dealer/seller/representative/promoter in the United States, and if the material is exceptional, in the world;

  • there must be a marketable quantity of materials in reserve and/or more that can be mined at a profit;


          Often times many individual and small mining families have some of the most beautiful finds and materials in the world, but without serious promotion and establishment of a market, they do not realize the potential of their finds.  We would like to help you do that, and if we like the material we would be willing to expend our resources to fund promotion and sales of the material for you, on a consignment or percentage basis.

Realize the potential of your gem material today through Dominion GEMS, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


CONTACT US today about our services to promote and sell your unique gem, mineral and lapidary material.





  • Howardite ("Rattlesnake Jasper");

  • Wingate Pass ("Death Valley Plume") Agate;

  • Large older collections of rock and lapidary material in garages, yards, and storage;

  • Rare types of precious and matrix opals.

  • Pegmatite with lepidolite and tourmaline, spodumene, lithium minerals, pegmatites

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