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This page LAST UPDATED: 09/20/2023 


San Diego County, California

All communication regarding the Cryogenie Mine must be sent to:

for CRYOGENIE Mine LITIGATION UPDATES CLICK HERE (Wentzell vs. Dean Webb, Andrea Christy Callens, and Marcus Origlieri dba Mineral Zone LCC, et al.

I'm excited to announce that I am the new owner of the famous CRYOGENIE MINE and that we will be re-opening it!  I relocated this claim on September 1, 2022 after the prior owners defaulted on their claim papers/fees and forfeited their claim.  BLM MLRS ACTIVE CLAIM SERIAL #CA-105785144, Christopher Wentzell, owner 9/1/22 to present.  NO DIGGING OR REMOVING MINERALS AT THIS TIME, I am working on reopening the mine and will consider public access in the near future.  

The Mine/claim is NOT for sale, this page is to document the history and progress made as it happens. I've included some photos below of pieces found in the mine in the past, and links to info and articles on the mine.  We hope to equal and surpass these finds, wish us luck and with some hard work maybe we will.  There's more in the pegmatite for sure, we just have to go deeper.   I will consider a partnership to work the claim on a case-by-case basis.  The mine and claim at this time is NOT open to the public and please respect my claim & mineral ownership rights.  I do have a couple local people watching the claim from time to time.  If on the claim, they will photograph you, your vehicle and your plates and will send that info to me.  If you are caught on the claim with digging tools it is attempted theft and if you are caught with minerals on the claim that is Theft. If you damage or remove any markers, signs or infrastructure from the mining claim that is also theft plus violations of other laws.  THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING.    I WILL DEAL WITH HIGHGRADERS, CLAIMJUMPERS AND THIEVES IN A VERY SERIOUS WAY VIA LAWSUIT AND CRIMINAL PROSECUTION.  Sorry I have to even say this but it does happen.  

We do plan on selling paydirt gem bags from the mine soon, check back.  CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR PAYDIRT GEM BAGS!

Some links with info and past history of the Cryogenie/Lost Valley Truck Trail Mine: